We Will Never Steer You Wrong

McCullough’s Auto Repair is founded on the idea of transparent auto repair services for American and most foreign vehicles. We don’t try to slip hidden fees or unwanted services into your repair or maintenance, you will get what you pay for. We offer a complete range of services, from oil changes to break services. Below is a complete list of the services we offer to our clients:

Full Diagnostics

Before we provide any auto repair services, McCullough’s Auto Repair requires all our clients to bring their car into our garage for an estimate and full diagnostics. We want to fully understand the state your car is in, therefore we can make sure we are recommending the most ideal auto repair services. Our full diagnostics includes computer run tests, and an inspection performed by one of our mechanics.

car diagnostics

General Auto Repairs

car airconditioning

Air Conditioning

We change your car’s air filters and make your air conditioning system is functioning properly.

exhaust repair and installation


A damaged exhaust system runs the risk of releasing exhaust fumes into your cabin. Avoid inhaling harmful fumes by making sure your exhaust is operating properly!

wheel alignment service

Wheel Alignment

Over time your steering wheel and axels will be thrown out of alignment. When that does happen, it’s advised that you take your car in to be re-calibrated.

McCullough's suspension service


When we look at your vehicle’s suspension, we determine if your car uses shocks or struts for their suspension. If they need to be replaced, we will make sure we have the appropriate product in store for use.

Brake repair and service


When your brake pads wear out, not doing due diligence runs the risk of damaging your brakes further, leading to more expensive repairs. Our comprehensive break service will keep your brakes in good shape.

check engine light

Electronic Repairs

If any of your car’s electronics seem to be in a suboptimal state, we’ll be able to restore it to a much better quality.

Other Services/Tests

change oil services

Oil Change Service

The most common service that is needed on a car is an oil change. Generally speaking, a car needs to have it’s oil changed every 6 months or every 5,000-7,500 miles.

car welding and repair

Minor Welding, Non-Cosmetic Collision and Body Repair

For minor damage on your automobile’s body, we can perform minor welding corrections.

car smoke emission testing

PA State Inspections, Emission Testing & Repairs

Our technicians are certified to complete Pennsylvania State Emissions Tests and Inspections. If we find that your car doesn’t pass the inspection, we can make any necessary correction.

Before we get to work on any vehicles, we require you bring your car into the shop for a full diagnostics test.
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